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One of the most obvious things why there are so many people prefers to use Android than IOS is because of the freedoms that are given by Google. We probably know that Android is based on Linux and means that the software or the source itself needs to be open source and we everyone could modify it without any restriction. That is why there are so good things that we can do here, but it’s not available on IOS. I already make some lists of them and it might be interested for you to see.


Android is probably be the king for customization because every single thing can be optimized here. There are so many themes, launchers, icons, and every single aspect. You don’t have to worry because change your theme is very easy here and you just need to install some icons or some launchers and you are ready to go. This is what I really like because I don’t have to be stuck with the same feel again and again. You have to try it if you have an Android.

Delete Unnecessary App

Yeah, we could delete any app that we don’t like in our system as long as we have the right privilege. The OS itself usually comes with many kinds of app and sometimes we don’t like it. Here, we can get rid of them if you don’t love them and you are going to get some more free saves on the system.


We must really know that doing multitasking here is very easy and also effective. They give us a huge chance to do everything at once. Take a look at Samsung’s phone where they have a feature called multi window where the user let to opening two kinds of different apps in one window. Now we can reading any type book and while we could chance the track that we want at the same time. I have tried this feature on my phone and its working really well.

Those are some kinds different things that IOS will never able to do it. Some of them such as launcher, theme, icons and even custom rom are very important features. By adjusting single of them you could get the phone that you really want. We could customize the look and performance that we like, so we would get the perfect phone for our self.
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When the switch was first announced few months ago, I am pretty excited about how well it works. Its multi-functional feature that can be transformed into a console with this dock and handled is the one that really makes me interested. Now I could play any game that I want anywhere I go. The main reason because I stop playing games on the console is because I don’t have too much time to do it. My time is pretty short and I only able to do it once a week. It’s pretty tough since I really love playing games started when I was a child. When I cannot do it again, it becomes tough since I don’t have any other hobby. For me Switch is really fascinating since the screen is big and I could dock it to play on my TV. Means that I could two different types of system in one place and the game that I really want to see its Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I have been spending much of my time on WII U and I am looking forward for playing it on handheld. I really know that we able to play it on 3DS, but the screen for me are pretty small and I did not enjoy it very well. Beside there is also a huge difference between these two versions where the graphics are downgraded on the 3DS version.

My thought after playing it for couple weeks it’s so great. The game runs at 60 FPS without any lag even on handheld. The resolution is stuck at 720p and 1080 while docked. 720p is more than enough for switch screen and there is no huge difference on it. The texture might be more details on 1080p, but the overall experience is so similar. Talking about the gameplay itself, there is nothing different if you already played it on the WII U. The only thing that makes different, now they have battle mode which is so awesome where we can play as team during a battle with your friend or online multiplayer. This is what many gamers want and Nintendo really shows their support. It’s so worth to buy it since you are able to play it anywhere. With the stand from the switch, I really enjoy playing it on my car and even during my flight. If you still don’t have the game, you have to check it now.
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The importance of education in this present time cannot be ignored as the fact. It is hard today to look for the job without formal education record. Nevertheless, sometimes taking education can be said as spending time too especially for genius people who get nothing from school because he has been learned all of the courses outside the school for example. For people like that there is the acceleration program for giving him the better future in shorter time instead of wasting time.
Genius is Nature
One theory about genius people is that genius is born. It means that according to the theory, we cannot make a genius through an education since that is made genetically. People believe for example that Einstein is genius from his child time and that does not have relation with the education he gets. Because of that, based on this theory, the acceleration is needed for the genius based on the need for getting the better future.

The relation between acceleration and the better future of genius people is that through the acceleration education they then can develop their thought faster than the common people. The thought may product the great change in the world since the genius people commonly propose the interesting theory that changes everything. The acceleration education is inevitably needed based on this theory about the origins of genius people.

Genius is Nurture
Nevertheless, there is also other theory about that. The theory said that genius people were made instead of born. Every people was born with the same intelligence level and some of them can be the genius people because they get more chance than some of the others. This theory is the opposite theory into the earlier one but relating to the acceleration in education, this theory also gives the same decision: people need the acceleration in education.

The difference can be found relating to the subject. According to this theory, the acceleration in education is needed by everyone. That can help people to be the genius people and having the great intelligence. The environment and the place where he live, the way of learning, the food consumed, all of them have the same role for giving the result of a genius people. So, you want to be a genius people? It is possible that your only change is just taking the acceleration of education nowadays.
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Its like Spaceteam, but taking place in a VR diversion of the Business. Provided Ubisoft gives the mechanisms some depth, and youve got three buddies who also own VR headsets, this could result in an excellent group game. Its Quakes grand return in an era where e-sports rule supreme and stadium shots are growing from the ashes. Plus, Bethesdas recent Doom and Wolfenstein reboots have kicked a variety of butt. So yeah, Im pumped at least at the thought. Done with Doom and jonesing for another fast paced, over the top shot? Shadow Warrior 2 appears poised to fit that bill with firearms, gibs, and copious Wang jokes. Kill devils with a machine gun that fires ice-bullets. Impale them on spikes you summon out of the earth. And needless to say, decapitate them with your trusty sword. If all goes well, we could have a real toss up on our hands for Best Shot of 2016. The first Deus Ex is considered by lots of people including yours truly as among the finest games ever created. After a disappointing sequel in 2003, the show sat dormant for years, until 2011s Human Revolution recaptured the glory of the first with a focus on player option, changed character constructs, and worlds were revolving around adaptive system-driven gameplay. Our 30 minute hands on with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided plopped us in a degree thats incredibly changed, with surroundings and layouts contributory to stealthy kinds, snipe-y kinds, passive kinds, and violently competitive kinds. It seems like Deus Ex, in other words hopefully with more considerate manager fights and that alone is enough to get me interested in World Divideds August 23 launch.


Except for the new multiplayer Violation way. As a longtime Deus Ex-devotee, that siloed-off chain of challenge rooms seems stupid. But I wouldnt purchase a Deus Ex game for its multiplayer anyhow. But what can I say? Its distinct when youre the one screaming. Getting a group of five jointly to sail a pirate from lifting the anchor to furling sails to using individual cannons is goofy fun. Its coming sometime in 2017. There are three things you must understand about me: One; I grew up in the south. Two, I adore open-world games. And three, I 've a strange fixation with the mob, from timeless movies like Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco to market historical novels like Cigar City Mafia. Fingers crossed the game is more consistently high than Mafia II, which included flashes of brilliance but only as many boring interludes.

One thing already seems positive for the games October 7 start: The 1968 Louisiana setting absolutely oozes feeling in ways that yet another open world take on L.A. or New York never could. The Forza Horizon collection has been my favourite arcade racer for years now. And now it is time to throw that same Xbox One in the trash. Microsoft announced its Xbox Play Everywhere system at E3, where buying individual games provides you with a copy of both Xbox and Windows 10. Blasting through the Australian Outback at a silky-smooth 144Hz? Seems perfect. Okay, okay, Undead Labs didnt disclose much about State of Decay 2 beyond the short preview above. But the State of Decay gently became one of my favourite sleeper hits of the previous few years with its strategic focus, uncompromising machinists, and long-term departure for the characters youve so fondly coddled during a hellish zombie apocalypse. State of Decay 2 looks to seamlessly work a consistent, shared world into the mixture. Is the unrelenting zombie horde closing in on your miniature group of survivors? Firing off a flare places you in matchmaking mode, Game Informer reports meaning other players may appear to save your bacon when all seems lost. Or perhaps youll only end up enticing others to their departure, also. Seems like a recipe for some exciting times in 2017. Tyrannys no sequel, though.

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Looking at some of the gaming PCs in this post, it is clear that some manufacturing companies go to significant lengths to present amazing looking custom chassis layouts, but we believe the Area 51, from Dell subsidiary company Alienware, surpasses them all by a huge margin. A Pentagon when seen from the side, with a soft blue glow, the parts are positioned for easier accessibility, and the whole layout is very awesome. With the entry level version, you get a liquid cooled overclocked chip and AMD images, but settings with dual Nvidia GeForce cards are an alternative, although you will have to dig quite deep into your pocket to buy them. Among the few PCs on this list to earn a perfect score, the Alienware Aurora R5 unites layout components conventional to Dell's renowned high-end gaming brand with a smattering of modern turns. Plus, in spite of the little chassis, there is lots of room for a exceptional SLI settings. But this older version, the G3, can still be located for a very affordable cost. It packages less electricity than some high end gaming PCs, but it is still perfectly effective at running all games, and with this specification, you should have the capacity to appreciate 1080p gaming with details set to moderate or high, and still get decent frame rates.


HP never comes up with a terrible looking layout, even for a normal-sized PC tower. The Phoenix seems fantastic, with a glowing red light running vertically down the front, which also gains from a metallic finish. The AMD Radeon 380 in this settings can provide outstanding gaming operation to match Nvidia's GeForce graphics cards. And there is a Haswell Core i7-4970k processor on board also, which is a great gaming CPU. There is no Skylake processor to be seen here, but we anticipate HP will follow with a fresh settings shortly. We have had big PC cases, PC cases with a wacky layout, and PC cases that match both those descriptions. How about little PC cases? It seems quite great too with reddish brightness underneath the front. Although beefier settings are available, this one just includes a GeForce GTX 960. Intel's venerable 4.4GHz Core i7 4790k is used as the central processing unit and this machine still offers lots of gaming operation in a little carton. If you have looked at some of the other machines in this post, you may enjoy the thought of having top end gaming performance with a six-center Haswelle central processing unit for non-gaming endeavors too. What will happen if you enjoy the appearance of the custom chassis layouts here also? The framework, a DeepCool Tristellar Gaming Case, sets the elements into a three-winged chassis with a stunning look. And there is lots of functionality on offer also, with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 video card alongside an Intel Core i7-5820K central processing unit. Curiously, the typical settings on Cyberpower's web site does not appear to offer an overclocked cpu, but this can be added to the complete construct for a little additional outlay.


Scan's 3XS Revenge gaming computer quite closely matches that of Chillblast's Fusion Master, with an overclocked Skylake central processing unit for the quickest potential gaming operation and a strong GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. This type of set up will make do with any match up to 1440p resolution in maximum detail. The difference in cost between both systems can result from small differences a somewhat smaller Samsung M.2 PCI Express SSD and less memory in Scan's default settings. Whatever, the mix of Skylake and a GeForce GTX 980 will bring about a very fast gaming PC. Like many 300 dollar gaming pc computers, the Titan Virtual Force isn't tastefully designed nor is it especially subtle. But very seldom when we purchase gaming hardware are we as concerned about fashion over power, and sacred hell is the Titan Virtual Force strong. For $1,820, of course, you could assemble your PC with same specs for more affordable, but purchasing pre-assembled is all about benefit which is definitely on the table here.

If you need a tower PC that appears that it means business, the Republic Of Gamers G20AJ seems like it could be the most suitable choice. We are discussing a high end GeForce graphics card, quick Intel Core i7 Haswell central processing unit and both an SSD and hard disk, with built in 802.11ac wireless. And call us immature, but we always adore coloured lights on a gaming rig. Asus additionally used IFA 2015 to showcase the special version of the machine that can wedge in a Titan X for enormous electricity.
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Gaming on PC is the lone way to get the best variants of multiplatform games because unlike a games console PCs can be updated, piece by piece, to keep them up to speed with the most recent technology. And it is also accurate, without question, that it is more economical to purchase the parts which make up a great gaming PC and put them together yourself, rather than purchasing a pre-built rig off the shelf. But that does need time and effort. There'sn't such thing as the greatest gaming PC as there are so many variables. Nevertheless, we have got some US options and some UK (so try to find the headers below) to suit different budgets. But let us begin with something you could purchase in either territory. A Steam Machine.

If you need a PC that acts and looks like a games console, subsequently Steam Machines are the means to go. But be warned! So assess your Steam library to learn. You could feasibly install Windows on it instead, but at that stage, you'd likely be better off with a desktop machine as it is more versatile. However, with 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and a 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Central Processing Unit, this box is excellent as it pertains to gaming. This tower comes with 4x USB 3.0 links as well as a couple of USB 2.0, which will let you join quickly outside drives, headsets, controls, a mouse and computer keyboard with ease. It is really, very fast also, thank its Intel i7 innards and 16GB of RAM. A little creature, though it is fairly priced at 718 with Windows 10 House 64-bit from Amazon UK. But then you'd need an operating system. This is a super-superior desktop computer gaming rig, but the specs say all of it. The 4.0GHz central processing unit can be turbo increased to a whopping 4.2GHz. It is got 16gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000mhz Operation RAM. And it includes a VR-Ready Nvidia Geforce GTX 980TI graphics card. In addition, you get The Section with it. And the knowledge which you've got one of the best gaming rigs near.


This rig is pre-installed with Windows 10 and has some excellent specs. An AMD Piledriver FX-6350 six-core 3.90GHz Central Processing Unit. Oh, and the graphic? A NVIDIA GTX750 Ti 2GB with HDMI outside. This PC is 489.95 from Amazon UK, but that's without a computer screen, so make sure you've something to play it on. This gaming rig's central processing unit is not quite as quickly, at 3.8GHz and four heart, but it is still no slouch. It packs an SATA III hard drive along with the now-obligatory 8GB of RAM. It is $539.99 from Amazon US. No? Only me. OK. Well, you are looking at a Liquid-Cooled AMD Athlon II X4 860K running at 3.70GHz 4-Center. It comes with Windows 10 64-bit, but no computer screen. Still, a great rig for a relatively low-cost $629.99 from Amazon US.

This one expensive, but has a high spec. At $2,699.99 from Amazon US you'd anticipate it to be great, and sure enough, it is going to run games on maximum settings and is probably future-proof for a few years. But of course, PC technology goes very fast, so we'll keep this list updated to give you the best prices. Talking of which, it's also advisable to consider the finest environment systems. And if you believe perhaps you'd be better off sticking with games consoles, you should take a look at our Greatest PS4 prices, Finest Xbox One prices, and the Greatest TVs for gaming. Although E3s traditionally been a games console show, the amount of PC games announced at E3 2016 absolutely exploded. The Day Zero press occasions from the large publishers alone revealed almost 50 new PC names. Theres no means to spend enough time with each of these games to say with any conviction that's really better than the others. So rather were choosing an alternative tack. A more private one. Lets dig in, in no specific sequence. Youll find a preview or hands on feeling video for each if you need to find out more about a specified name. Each crewmember has his or her LCARS console which controls various facets of the boat shields, phasers, navigation, the transporter. See gaming computer desk.