The importance of education in this present time cannot be ignored as the fact. It is hard today to look for the job without formal education record. Nevertheless, sometimes taking education can be said as spending time too especially for genius people who get nothing from school because he has been learned all of the courses outside the school for example. For people like that there is the acceleration program for giving him the better future in shorter time instead of wasting time.
Genius is Nature
One theory about genius people is that genius is born. It means that according to the theory, we cannot make a genius through an education since that is made genetically. People believe for example that Einstein is genius from his child time and that does not have relation with the education he gets. Because of that, based on this theory, the acceleration is needed for the genius based on the need for getting the better future.

The relation between acceleration and the better future of genius people is that through the acceleration education they then can develop their thought faster than the common people. The thought may product the great change in the world since the genius people commonly propose the interesting theory that changes everything. The acceleration education is inevitably needed based on this theory about the origins of genius people.

Genius is Nurture
Nevertheless, there is also other theory about that. The theory said that genius people were made instead of born. Every people was born with the same intelligence level and some of them can be the genius people because they get more chance than some of the others. This theory is the opposite theory into the earlier one but relating to the acceleration in education, this theory also gives the same decision: people need the acceleration in education.

The difference can be found relating to the subject. According to this theory, the acceleration in education is needed by everyone. That can help people to be the genius people and having the great intelligence. The environment and the place where he live, the way of learning, the food consumed, all of them have the same role for giving the result of a genius people. So, you want to be a genius people? It is possible that your only change is just taking the acceleration of education nowadays.